Registration of Marriages

One of the parties to the marriage should be a Sri Lankan national and should give Notice of Marriage to the Embassy of Sri Lanka. (Forms are available at the Embassy of Sri Lanka).


  • Valid passports with current visas of both parties should be produced.
  • Original Birth Certificates with English translation of both parties
  • Two (02) witnesses – should be Sri Lankan nationals with valid visas and valid passports at their presence. Witnesses should be known to the both parties.
  • Both parties should submit following documents

a) Singles – Unmarried certificate/s
b) Divorcees- Divorce Certificate and Free to Marry Certificate/s
c) If widowed, the Death Certificate of your late spouse, your previous marriage certificate and Free to Marry Certificate
d) If you have changed your name, a Deed Poll (including divorcees who have reverted to their maiden names)

  • Unmarried certificate / Free to Marry Certificate: – An affidavit/ statutory declaration signed by a solicitor to confirm who you are and your present status (un-married/ free marry). Separate affidavits for the period of time lived in different countries which are certified/ legalised by the respective Foreign Office and attested by the Sri Lankan Mission accredited to that country.
  • Unmarried Certificates of Sri Lankan nationals for the time lived in Sri Lanka should be attested by the Consular Division of the Ministry of External Affairs in Colombo.
  • Unmarried Certificates of non Sri Lankan nationals should be certified by their respective Diplomatic Mission in Cuba and legalised by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Havana.
  • Residence Requirements: – Both parties should have lived in Cuba for ten (10) or more days immediately prior to the date of giving notice of marriage.



1.    Notice of Marriage: – the Notice of Marriage Form should be completed in the presence of a Diplomatic Officer and signed by two (02) witnesses at presence at the Embassy of Sri Lanka.
2.    Marriage Registration: – Any time after twelve (12) working days and before three (03) months of giving notice at the Embassy of Sri Lanka premises.


3. Certified Copies – £ 10.00

Additional Information:

Registrar General’s Department
No 280, Main Street Colombo 11
Sri Lanka
TP: 00 94 11 2393071

Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
No. 14, 3rd Floor,
Sir Baron Jayatillaka Mawatha.
Colombo 01,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: 0094 11 4718972 / 4719593